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we believe the word of God to be truth.  we believe the word of God is necessary for a deeper walk with the Lord.  we believe the word of God in times of need, worry, desperation, happiness, joy, peace... whatever you're going through, the word of God will guide you.  we also believe its so so important for each follower of Christ to have the word, to hold it in their hands, to underline + highlight, to guide you.


with all of that said, we want to make it easy to get your hands on a bible.  If you can afford it, buy a copy, or buy a copy for someone you know needs it.  If you just don't see how you can swing it select the "no questions asked" selection + we will send it no questions asked, your transaction will be zero dollars (please understand this ONLY applies to orders with a bible ONLY + only one per customer).  


If you have a bible but want to help us continue this ministry we'd love for you to donate a bible!!  each donated bible will have a donated by... written into the front cover, so the recipient knows who it's from. We'd be more than happy to also add in a special note from you to them, if you leave that in the notes at checkout!!  


this is a NLT wayfinding study bible.  it's a standard soft copy. 

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